Trike Theatre


Trike Theatre’s mission is to empower youth to forge deep connections with themselves, their community and the world by SEEING, PARTICIPATING IN, and LEARNING THROUGH THEATRE.

We believe in a 360˚ theatre experience that empowers young people and families. The 360˚ theatre experience is Trike Theatre’s DNA – the lens through which we view and program everything. It is reflected in our three programs (Theatre for Youth, Academy and Outreach). And in each of those programs, participants will SEE, LEARN and DO.

Trike Theatre founder, Kassie Misiewicz, always knew that she wanted to change the world through theatre. After earning her graduate degree and working in professional Theatres for Youth in New Jersey, Milwaukee, and Seattle, she and her family moved to Northwest Arkansas (NWA). Kassie believed this was the perfect place to start a professional Theatre for Youth. A Theatre to tell the unique stories of the community, develop innovative arts programming, and be a driving force in strengthening the area’s professional arts industry.

Since opening its doors in 2008, Trike Theatre has attracted a dedicated team of artists, educators, and staff who have many years of experience working for professional Theatres across the country and overseas. Trike Theatre flourished by partnering with arts and youth-focused non-profits, and is a resident theatre company of Walton Arts Center. The theatre annually serves over 20,000 people throughout NWA, the state, and nationally. As the only theatre of its kind in Arkansas, Trike Theatre is a valuable resource for the community, a laboratory for new artistic ideas, and a home for many young artists who have found their voice.