2015-2016 Academy Classes & Camps

Fall Session 1

September 14th - October 22nd

Create a Play: Super Heroes $95

Mondays 4 – 5:20 pm, Ages 6-9 yrs

Up, up, and away! Young actors get to choose their own super power and fight bad guys in this camp as they create a play of their own using imagination and critical thinking.

Acting Intensive $95

Tuesdays 4 – 5:20 pm, Ages 8-13 yrs.

Action! This class is for the more advanced students and will get actors ready for their next role by showing students how to approach a script using the skills all the master actors use.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare! $120

Tuesdays 5:30 – 7:20 pm, Ages 12-18 yrs.

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? This class for our older actors will show you how to tackle the Bard! By focusing on Shakespeare’s plays, language, and character, actors will learn the skills necessary to bring these famous stories to life.

The Land of Make Believe $60

Wednesdays 4 – 4:50 pm, Ages 4-6 yrs.

Want to take a stroll around Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood? Come with us as we explore the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and take our youngest actors on a creative adventure while they learn and grow.

Acting is Fun! $95

Thursdays 4 – 5:20 pm, Ages 6-9 yrs.

Want to be a great actor? This class will teach you all the basics! Great for students of any experience level. Students will work to build an ensemble as they develop their actor’s tools and learn to listen to one another on stage.

Fall Intersession

October 12th - 16th

Explore the Universe

$40 per day/$160 for all five days

Monday thru Friday, 8 am – 2:30 pm, Ages 6-12 yrs.

Campers exercise their creativity as they explore the “theme of the day” through movement, art and drama. Creating unique characters and discovering new skills, students are introduced to theatre fundamentals and the creative process as they explore the wonders of the universe. Each day will be a journey to a different location of their choosing. Students can come for just one day or stay for all five!

Fall Session 2

November 2nd - December 17th

Create a Play: Fairy Tales $95

Mondays 4-5:20pm, Ages 6-9yrs

Do you have a favorite fairy tale? Actors will get to bring the stories they love to life with new characters and adventures as they work on creating a play of their own.

Audition Prep $95

Tuesdays 4 – 5:20 pm, Ages 8-15 yrs.

It’s never too soon to start getting ready for Trike’s spring production! This class will get actors ready for any audition with skills for preparation and combating nerves.

Neverland Adventures $60

Wednesdays 4 – 4:50 pm, Ages 4-6 yrs.

We’re off to Neverland with Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Young actors will build their own pirate ship and escape Captain Hook using their imagination while working together to build a story of their own.

Improvathon $95

Thursdays 4 – 5:20 pm, Ages 6-9 yrs.

If you love to make people laugh, here’s the class for you! Come learn the beginning skills needed to be an improvisational comedian. In six weeks, young actors will create their own improv troupe and perform their own hilarious routine for family and friends.

Singing! Dancing! Spectacular! $120

Thursdays 5:30 – 7:20 pm, Ages 8-15 yrs.

Ready for your Broadway debut? This class will show you the ins and outs of musical theatre and prepare young actors for the big stage with lessons in the theatricality and musicality necessary for every actor considering Broadway.