Digital Storytelling

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Afterschool Digital Storytelling Program

Through the generous grants from Walmart Family Foundation and the Arkansas Arts Council, Trike Theatre and Bentonville Public Schools formed a partnership to launch the successful pilot program of the Afterschool Digital Storytelling in Fall 2015 at Thomas Jefferson Elementary and Sugar Creek Elementary. The program has now expanded to 10 schools with a $100 cost and scholarships through the help of Arkansas Art Council. Our goal is to continue increasing the number of students who have to opportunity to learn more about Theatre and Digital Media through this program. We hope students learn to find their voice and creatively extend their stories. Hopefully this will allow students to connect with the growing interest of Digital Media and partner with the Bentonville Film Festival.

What is Digital Storytelling?

Trike Theatre’s Afterschool Digital Storytelling program pairs one classroom teacher from each school and a Trike Theatre teaching artist to co-teach students in grades 3rd and 4th. The students build a creative community of storytellers, they learn digital filming techniques, organize ideas with a storyboard, develop scripts, act, and produce an original digital story. Each class will be held at the child’s school. To see more stories produced by our Young Artists check out TrikeDigitalStories on YouTube.

Why Digital Storytelling?

Bloom’s Taxonomy lists CREATIVITY as the highest order of thinking. In the Digital Storytelling Afterschool Theatre program, we invite ALL students to participate regardless of their previous acting experience. We incorporate modern technology and the performing arts in our endeavor to enhance students’ learning and storytelling skills. These workshops will be collaborative and creative. When young people feel part of a creative community and have the opportunity to tell their stories, they become better listeners and are energized to learn in a deeper way. On-going arts experiences help students strengthen the skills they need to be tomorrow’s 21st Century leaders: cooperation, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

Questions or Comments

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