Little Trike Series

What is Little Trike Series?

1969225_1021179024579162_34394709891406982_n Little Trike Series is professional theatre for the very young. In each Little Trike Series production professional actors create an engaging, interactive and lively environment.

In these theatre experiences children ages 2 to 5 and their families are invited to watch, participate, and learn through theatre.

Past Little Trike Series Productions

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Three Billy Goats Gruff

Adapted by Gwen Edwards and Matt Murray

Trike Theatre presents the traditional tale of Three Billy Goats Gruff told by two silly Trolls! Find out if the hungry Billy Goats Gruff can outwit the mean troll who lives under the bridge, and reach the delicious green meadow.

  • Directed by Megan James
  • Scenic design by Ashleigh L Burns
  • Featuring Carley Tisdale and Jessica Traufler.

Here Comes Gosling!

Adapted by Sandy Asher, based on her children’s book, ‘Here Comes Gosling’

In this heartwarming play, join Froggie and Rabbit as they host a picnic for Goose and Gander’s new baby Gosling, and help them turn the mighty “HONKS” and noisy tears of little gosling into giggles.

  • Music by Ric Averill
  • Directed by Megan James
  • Scenic design by Eve Rosin
  • Costume design by Jennifer Cozens
  • Featuring Mary Catherine Roland, Matthew Murry, Carley Tisdale, Jason Suel and Eliott James

Jamie Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath

Written and Directed by Bethany Lynn Corey

“I don’t want to take a bath!” If this statement sounds familiar, you will love this vibrant tale of a mother and daughter who use their imaginations to turn the chore of bath time into an exciting adventure.

  • Music by Paul Marbech
  • Set Design by Tony Terrell
  • Featuring Erica Henderson and Meredyth Pederson