Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for Bilingual Actors

Trike Theatre, Northwest Arkansas’ professional theatre for youth, is producing Adelita y su Caballo: A Cinderella Rodeo to be performed for 2nd and 3rd grade students at 5 NWA schools and for the greater Springdale community. We are holding auditions to cast adult and youth actors from our community to perform March 30-April 5. 


About the production:

Adelita y Su Caballo: A Cinderella Rodeo is a new bilingual play that is about a young girl who wants to compete in the local rodeo and with help from her friends (and a little magic) she fulfills her dream. Trike Theatre is still developing the play so the performances will be in a studio style – using minimal costumes and having script in hand. The play will be interactive as the company of actors invites the audience to participate in parts of the storytelling.


March 25-29 at Arts Center of the Ozarks in Springdale. Times TBD

Performances: Thurs, March 30 (8:30am and 9:45am) Bayyari Elem. Springdale

Fri, March 31 (8:20am and 10:00am) Sonora Elem. Springdale

Fri, March 31 (7:00pm) at Arts Center of the Ozarks – Free to public

Sat. April 1 (11:00am & 2:00p) at Arts Center of the Ozarks – Free to public

Mon. April 3 (2 AM shows-Time TBD) Eastside Elem. Rogers

Tues. April 4 (2 AM shows – Time TBD) Arkansas Arts Academy Rogers

Wed. April 5 (2 AM shows – Time TBD) Apple Glen Elem. Bentonville

About Auditions:

Auditions will be held Saturday, February 18, from 3:00pm – 6:00pm and Sunday, February 19 from 3:00pm-6:00pm at the Arts Center for the Ozarks. To sign up for an audition time slot, please click here . If you have questions about auditions, please contact Anna Hope at, The audition should take about an hour and will consist of group acting exercises and cold readings. No prepared materials needed.

We are casting:

Madre (20’s-30’s female): Adelita’s mother. Loves her child and wants the best for her. Bilingual.

Abuela (40’s-50’s female): Loves her grandchild. Is the narrator and “magic godmother” in Adelita’s Cinderella story. Bilingual.

Adelita: (10-12yr female): Loves animals, is curious and determined. Bilingual.

Padre (20’s-30’s male): Adelita’s father. Spent his entire life trying to make a better life for his family. Bilingual

Other information:

All adult actors will be paid as professional actors and need to be available to perform during the day at the schools (March 30-April 5). The role of Adelita will be double cast so that the young performers will not have to miss more than two days of school. Trike Theatre will work with the schools’ administration to have the absences excused.

Youth Theatre Audition Tips

Tips for Choosing a Monologue

    • Pick a monologue that sounds like you. A good fit would be one that shows off elements of your personality and is somewhat like you.
    • If your monologue is from a script, know the script and something about the character you are reading for. Read the entire script if possible.
    • We prefer for monologues to be memorized, but if you’re not comfortable with memorization you can read your monologue from a piece of paper.
    • If you need resources for finding a monologue, let us know. We have scripts and monologue books at the theatre.

Tips for Rehearsing Your Monologue


Be able to answer the following questions:

    • Who is your character?
    • Who you are talking to?
    • Where is the character at?
    • What do you want from your audience in the scene? (ex: to like you, to leave you alone, to believe you, etc.)
    • How are you getting what you want? (ex: begging, demanding, soothing, find some fun verbs to use here).

As you rehearse:

    • Practice reading the monologue out loud to make sure that it is no more than one (1) minute.
    • When you are speaking, imagine that the listener is verbally or physically reacting to what you’re saying.
    • Speak loudly and clearly.
    • Practice your monologue out loud and in front of a few people before the audition. Ask them to give you feedback about what was clear and not clear in your piece.

What happens on Audition Day

    • When you arrive, your parent/guardian will fill out an audition form with all the information we need from you.
    • Six to eight students enter the playing space together. All warm-up and each take turns performing his/her monologue for the Production Director and Trike staff.
    • Before you do your monologue you will say your name, your age, and what monologue you’re doing. Say these things positively and clearly for the director when you introduce yourself.
    • The director may ask for you to do your monologue a second time. Listen carefully to any instruction given to you by the director and show that you can take direction.

Other Tips

    • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to the audition.
    • Wear flattering and comfortable clothes. Please keep your hair out of your face.
    • If you make a mistake, try not to make apologies or excuses. Keep moving forward. It’s ok to start over.
    • Have fun! Be positive and energetic the whole time you are in your audition.