Meet Our Teaching Artists


Meet Your Teacher

Our Teaching Artists can be found teaching in Trike Theatre Academy Classes, Youth Theatre Productions, and Theatre in Education programs in public school and after school programs. Get to know your teacher, by learning about some of their most memorable theatre experiences!


Resident Teaching Artists

Simone D. Cottrell

Q: What is your most memorable theatre experience?

A: When I was 4 or 5 I was in the King and I with my Dad, which was already a pretty great experience. But on our opening night, right before curtain call, I got so excited that I gave myself a bloody nose. The director pulled me outside to stop the bleeding, but i got it all over my costume. I missed my first curtain call ever. But it’s fine because I had many more curtain calls to come!

Julie Gabel

Q: Describe the first time you sang in front of an audience?

A: “I was singing a solo in front of the whole church at age 9. I was wearing a light blue dress, a matching jacket and patent leather shoes. I don’t remember the song, but I remember looking out into the crowd and getting so nervous that my knees were actually knocking together. I thought about leaving, but in the end I sang the whole song and I never got nervous again.”

Kassie Misiewicz

Q: What was your first theatre experience?

A: “In 1st grade I was a dancing daisy in Alice In Wonderland. I didn’t want to be Alice, I wanted to be a dancing daisy because you got to dance! My mom made my costume, I wore a green leotard with flower petals around my face.”

Jason Suel

Q: What was your first acting role? How did it go?

A: “George Gibbs in Our Town in 10th grade of High School. I auditioned! It was my first audition so I was shocked at receiving a lead role. Looking back at that performance, I would’ve made a million different choices if I’d known then what I know now, but we all have to start somewhere.”

Teaching Artists

Bill Hesse

Q: What was your first major role in a theatre production?

A: “My first show was South Pacific as a senior in High School. I was Lieutenant Joseph Cable, the only character who dies, and my neighbor was playing the lead character, Emile de Becque. His little brother at 5 years old was my biggest fan, and when he found out that I died he balled and couldn’t be contented until I came out for the final bow to be sure I was alive.”