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This week begins many fantastic journies

Fall 2 Academy classes begin. These 6-week sessions are filled with students from all different schools, many of them new to Trike.  Yesterday – it was so fun to watch a large group of the Acting FUNdamental students reunite after their show The Witches closed two weeks ago. “These are my people, Mom!” I heard one girl share after the class. These classes not only teach students acting skills, but also strengthen their life skills of cooperating, creative problem solving, and self-confidence. More info

The Odyssey Experience rehearsals begin. This show, in partnership with The Experiential Theatre Company from New Jersey, will be performing in Walton Arts Center’s Colgate Classroom series next week (Monday – Friday) and also in a public performance Friday, Nov. 14: 6:30pm at Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy. Tickets are $10. Buy tickets now. What I love about this show is that this unique performance invites the audience to be apart of the storytelling, acting as characters, speaking lines, and co-creating the play. If you’re in the room, you’re in the play! Also, Kassie Misiewicz, our Founder and Executive Artistic Director is ACTING for the first time in … let’s just say many years. Also in the play is Jason Suel (Trike’s Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement) and three visiting artists from New York/New Jersey (Christopher Parks, Jesse Graham and Josh Tortora). So excited (and scared) to be diving into this process. Wish us luck and come see the show.

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