I am Trike. I am…

Consider Trike Theatre this #GivingTuesday, December 2nd   donate button

Trike inspires me to be…

bold, brave, creative, caring, accepting, open minded, imaginative, risk taking, innovative, a reader, able to see the story in my imagination, a designer, an explorer, a peacemaker, …

  • Imagine a world where I believe this everyday.
  • Imagine a world where I excel in the skills needed to be tomorrow’s leader: flexibility, problem solving, ability to communicate, innovate, empathize and collaborate.
  • Imagine a world where inclusive, meaningful arts experiences were available to me and all my friends.

TRIKE THEATRE is on a mission to make this immaginative, child-engaged world a reality and YOU ARE A KEY PARTNER!

How Can You Take Action?

  • Make a video: How have the arts impacted you and helped you become who you are today? Share your story in a 7 second video of yourself. We would love it if you would start your video with….. “I am Trike. I am …..” Then post it online with #iamtrike and @triketheatre and #givingtuesdayar
  • Make a donation: to Trike Theatre and help ensure that ALL children have opportunities for meaningful arts experiences through seeing, participating in and learning through theatre.
  • Make a difference: Challenge your family and friends to create a “I am Trike” video and a donation. Make a child’s imagination contagious in your circle and partner with the children in your life to change the world.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein


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