The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza!

Written by Jason Suel, Director of The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza 

The ‘Greek Mythology Olympiaganza’ playfully presents many favorite Greek Myths!  Follow the action as two High School students attempt to retell the cannon of Greek Mythology in less than 90 minutes with help coming from some ill-equipped classmates.  Hilarity ensues as the students scramble to retell these age-old stories using tennis rackets, plastic swords, little green army men, wrist cuffs, tunics and fake beards!

To shake things up and to have fun behind the scenes, we have divided the cast into 2 teams to have some healthy competition.  Each cast member is either a Greek or a Trojan.  They compete based on team behavior, having their lines and blocking memorized, being ready to help or step in when asked, and, of course, by small team challenges I have been giving them at each rehearsal.  This has really added an element of fun to the rehearsal process!  Each team has come up with a team cheer and a coat of arms or shield, which they proudly display near them in the rehearsal room.

OlympiaganzaOne of the many challenges about directing a show like this is all the distinctly different roles that the students have.  It’s my job to make sure that those characters are as different as possible, especially when many of the actors are playing many roles.  What an acting challenge!  This cast has risen to the acting challenge and we can’t wait to perform!

We are delighted to present ‘The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza!’  I chose this script because Greek Myths and the lessons learned through them resonate with all of us!   With every production Trike Theatre presents, the bar is raised… thanks to the superb production team and all of these hardworking young actors, this one will be no different!

Come see The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza at the Northwest Arkansas Community College – White Auditorium on March 12-15th. Tickers at $10 and available through our website.


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