The Top 5 Reasons to See The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza this weekend!


Did you miss performances of Olympiaganza on Thursday and Friday? Well here are the Top 5 reasons to see THE GREEK MYTHOLOGY OLYMPIAGANZA this weekend!

1. Titans, Gods, Monsters, Heroes and Maidens!  We love the cannon of Greek Mythology and are excited to bring it to life.

2. A giant, rolling, man-made Hippopotamus with a voice like Jabba the Hut!  Check out this spin on the traditional Trojan Horse.

3. Stage combat.  Hard to do a play about Greek Mythology without swords, shields, and rocket launchers! …Yep, you read that correctly!

4. Support Northwest Arkansas’ Youth as they further develop their comedic acting chops.

5. Tickets are only $10


Come see this hilarious and silly show before it’s too late! If you saw The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza this week, leave us a comment on your favorite part!

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