Meet Candy Lee!

Candy Lee is a local musician who is using her talents and acting chops as the character of “Honey” in Trike Theatre’s latest production of Grandma’s Story Quilt. Meet Candy Lee!

Anna: Tell us about where you are from! How did you end up in NWA?

Candy: Honestly, I came here on a whim. I thought that I’d just be staying for a little while, and had planned to move to Oregon or Colorado, but I just love NWA so much that I stayed and have made it my home. I’ve actually got two songs about how I love Arkansas, and the Ozarks so much!

[Listen to Candy’s songs Here In Arkansas and Ozark Hills]

A: What made you want to be a musician?

C: I come from a musical family. My mother has a beautiful voice and sang in the choir and I would hear her sing along and harmonise with the radio. My grandmother was a jazz singer, drummer, and dancer. I used to sit on the stage and watch my grandmother perform with awe. My grandfather played bass in the VA [Veteran Affairs] band. My grandparents always had instruments lying around their house that they’d let me tinker with.

A: You have written all of the music for Grandma’s Story Quilt. Where did you get your inspiration from?

C: My involvement in band and symphony in high school has probably been the biggest influence. Playing in the pit during dance recitals, and during musicals, you pick up on how mood and character is expressed through melody. I tried to put what I learned there into themes of each character in Grandma’s Story Quilt. The “running theme” for the Gingerbread Man is actually a tiny piece of a song of mine that I was working on at the time, [it fit well], so I kept it.

A: When and where can we can see you perform next?

C:  My next performance is at Crystal Bridges for Noon Year’s Eve, which is a family friendly event. My duo, Melody Pond, will be performing from 11am-3pm. Later that evening, we’ll be performing for the New Year’s Eve Celebration from 9:30pm-1am. Our full performance schedule can always be found at Melody Pond – Shows.

A: Anything else you would like to add?

C: I’ve really enjoyed being a part of Grandma’s Story Quilt. I value the arts and think they are an important part of human development. Trike is a great asset to our community and I hope more people take advantage of the wonderful programs Trike has to offer!

Photo by Meredith Mashburn.

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