Student Spotlight: Robyn!

Robyn got to take an adventure to the prop closet and pick out some props for a quick photo shoot!

 We love our young artists at Trike! We’re kicking off our Academy Spotlight with one of our four inaugural Gwen Edwards Memorial Scholarship recipients, Robyn Boyd!

A resident of Bentonville, Robyn is a third grader who loves reading. She is currently reading The Dork Diaries and she likes Nikki’s adventures. In her spare time, Robyn enjoys swimming and is a member of Girls on the Run. She completed her first 5k last fall. Robyn has been a young artist with Trike since Spring Break 2016 Broadway Bound, where she got to display her cartwheels! Since then, she has attended about six classes and camps. Robyn’s favorite camp was Holiday Musical Revue: Nightmare Before Christmas. Robyn enjoyed all the different activities they were able to fit into one day!

Robyn said one of the biggest things she has learned at Trike is how to stay focused on her scene partner and not break the fourth wall – something very important for young actors to learn!  Before attending Trike, Robyn was shy in front of audiences, but now she has gained the confidence to talk in front of crowds without being afraid. When asked how she would describe Trike to her best friend, Robyn thought for a moment and then answered, “There are great teachers, fun games, and you learn a lot.”

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