Ways To Give


Why Should You Give?

When you invest in Trike Theatre, you are investing in the next generation of NWA. Trike Theatre reaches out to more than 34,000 individuals each year, through our Theatre Academy, Theatre in Education and Theatre Productions. These opportunities empower youth to forge deep connections with themselves, their community and the world by seeing, participating in, and learning through theatre.

How Can You Give?

Trike Theatre, a 501c3 charitable organization, is committed to stretching any and all of your contributions to maximize the impact of your generosity. There are a number of different ways you can get involved in supporting our mission:

Make a Donation

Your generous donations help to provide scholarships for students, purchase in-class supplies, and support Theatre Academy, Theatre in Education and Theatre Productions. You can choose specifically where you would like your money to be applied or let us apply it to the area where it is most needed.

Attend a Fundraiser

Building community, support and awareness. Fundraisers are a great opportunity to engage with members of Trike Theatre and the community. The money raised through fundraisers goes directly to Trike Theatre and allows us to keep the cost of Academy classes lower for families.