Youth Participation Scholarships


Trike Theatre has a strong commitment to making all of our Theatre Academy programs and Youth Theatre Production opportunities available to every interested child. Thanks to generous donations from Donors and Members of Trike Theatre, we are able to provide partial scholarships.

Youth Participation Scholarships are awarded in 20%, 50%, or 80% tuition waivers and are based solely on need. Due to limited resources we ask that applicants provide us with a complete financial picture for full consideration.

Application Deadlines

Academy Classes and Camps

Families wanting to register their young actor(s) for an Academy Class or Camp must submit their applications in advance of registering, but this does not guarantee a spot in the desired program. We advise applicants to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure that a space is still available.

    • Application Deadlines: Spring Session (March 27 – May 5) – March 20, 2017; Summer Academy Camps (June 5 – August 4) – May 29, 2017.

Youth Theatre Productions

Families who have a young actor participating in a Youth Theatre Production, must submit their applications after the young actor has been cast in a production.

    • Application Deadline:A Wrinkle in Time and The Odyssey : May 29, 2017

Application Requirements

To be considered for a participation scholarship, you must complete the Youth Participation Scholarship application form and return all necessary documents to Simone D. Cottrell, Education Manager. Documents should be submitted in person or via e-mail:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Simone D. Cottrell via e-mail at or phone at 479-464-5084.