Theatre in Education

Ask any parent or teacher — play is how our children learn. At Trike Theatre, our players work hard at learning. And we like making it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn through plays, with our Theatre in Education tools and lessons. It’s a children’s theatre workshop where students learn, celebrate their creativity and grow.

360 Trike-sperience:
Because We Learn Better, Exploring All Around

Arts are essential to student development. So, Trike created school programs that integrate creative dramatics with literacy and SEL curriculum goals to help accelerate student growth and learning. Grant-funded, this program offers all of the below FREE.

Two (2) one-hour consultations with school administrators (before and after the program) to discuss the state of the arts in the school, evaluate areas for growth, and explore strategies and resources for enhancing arts integration efforts.

One (1) two-hour professional development session for teachers covering an overview of the program and introducing creative dramatic strategies for building classroom culture, teaching behavioral literacy, and enhancing student learning through the arts.

Two (2) expanded 360 Trike-sperience events (one per semester) that include:

  • A full day of collaboration with Trike teaching artists to lead arts integration activities for students and demonstrate these strategies for their teachers
  • A professional children’s theatre performance in your library, cafeteria, gym, or preferred in-school setting
  • Teaching artist-led in-class workshops before and after the performance to demonstrate creative dramatic strategies for the classroom and guide the students in curriculum-based learning extensions related to the performance
  • A Play-in-a-Box to take home with a performance guide, bilingual storybook, storytelling props, and access to additional online videos and resources
  • Access to a third virtual 360 Trike-sperience with videos, curriculum printables, and additional resources that teachers may use to supplement instruction at any time
  • Access to an online library of professional development videos guiding teachers in using arts integration strategies in the classroom
  • A ticket voucher for students and their families to experience live theatre together by attending Trike Theatre’s spring performance of The Jungle Book

Current Shows


Available Fall 2022

Trolls Herb and Bog retell the scariest story their tribe knows. In this play, the audience gets involved, everyone helping determine whether the hungry Billy Goats Gruff can outwit the mean troll who lives under the bridge, and reach the delicious green meadow!

Birdie & the beanstalk

Available Spring 2023

Jack has gone up the beanstalk, leaving his little sister Birdie below as the lookout. Birdie wants to help Jack, but something is stopping her – her fear. When Jack needs her help, Birdie has to summon the courage to overcome her fear.

Igniting Writing Through Playwriting, Grades 4th-6th

Welcome to a week-long residency, available virtually or in person. Analyzing dramatic texts, students identify structural elements that differentiate plays from prose and learn to craft them into captivating stories on stage. Next, using the playwriting tools of character, conflict, monologue, dialogue and stage directions, they write their own short original play.

Recommended for Teachers to Deepen Students’ Learning

Imagine students telling their own, important stories as playwrights.

Play-in-a-Box: Deepening Students’ Understanding of a Play Through, well, Play!

After a 360 Trike-sperience show, students take home their own Play-in-a-Box. Each contains a bilingual storybook, a performance guide with additional activities and online access to performance videos, plus storytelling props to extend the learning, involve families, and retell the story in the classroom and even at home.

Educational Themes: Enhancing Learning, Playing with the Source Material

The 360 Trike-sperience enriches your students’ learning in immersive, engaging performing arts, where participants See, Learn Through and Do Theatre.

Upcoming Trike Shows

At Trike Theatre, we teach a love of theatre by seeing, learning, and doing it! You can pick and choose productions with your kids and friends. But we recommend seeing all our productions.

Children’s Theatre Classes

Teachers know there are multiple ways to learn. Maybe some of your students would benefit, grow and find their own character in a Trike Theatre Class. Please point them here!


Give ‘til It Hurts

Trike Theatre exists to recognize and cultivate young people’s creativity, build their character and strengthen communities. All through fun! But we can only do that with our own community’s support. Plus, Trike is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. So, your donation is 100% tax deductible next year and you’re making a 100% difference today.