Literacy in Action

Over the past three years, Trike Theatre has partnered with Elementary schools to develop a unique drama-based program that provides arts-rich experiences for students while instructing teachers’ how to utilize drama strategies to strengthen students’ literacy skills. Literacy in Action, Trike Theatre’s K-5th grade embedded teacher professional development integrates drama strategies with Common Core State Standards. Professional Teaching Artists lead a day-long arts integration professional development workshop that centers around one drama-based strategy (Play-in-a-Box, Tableau, etc.) then extend the learning by visiting each teacher’s classroom five times. The sequence of the five classroom visits includes: two demonstration days of the arts integration strategy taught during the 6-hr professional development workshop, followed up by post-demonstration reflections. Then, after a second professional development workshop that provides time for the teachers and Trike teaching artists to collaborate on new arts integrated curriculum, the Trike Theatre teaching artist visits the classroom and co-teaches the lesson with the teacher. After reflecting on the lesson, the teaching artist will return to the classroom twice to provide individual coaching for the teacher.

We plan to implement Literacy in Action both as a whole school initiative (all teachers learning same strategy) at Sonora and Eastside Elementary schools and as a whole region initiative (open enrollment to any K-2nd grade teachers who want to learn how to use strategy with their students).